UN Works in Cameroon

Delivering as one for sustainable development

The United Nations System supports the Cameroon Government for sustainable development, with high considerations for the most vulnerable segment of the country, to leave no one behind. For this,, some 22 UN Funds, Programmes and Agencies agreed to synergise their response to the development and humanitarian priorities of Cameroon within 2013 United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). This choice falls in line with Cameroon’s ambition for sufficient human capital capable for sustainable growth, as she gears towards emergence by 2035 and the transformative sustainable development agenda.

For the 2013-2017 timeframe, the United Nations System in Cameroon is committed to supporting the Cameroon Government in the following areas:

  1. Strong, sustainable and inclusive growth

United Nations’ support is covering areas such as:

  • Implement policies and strategies which support sustainable development and inclusive growth;
  • Develop social protection targets and modernization of the national social protection system;
  • Increased equitable access and efficient use of the basic social services (health, education, water / sanitation) for human capital development to sustain and support economic growth.

        2. Promotion of decent jobs

The United Nations system assists in the fight against unemployment and underemployment by:

  • Improving the effectiveness of the labour market through the implementation of incentive framework to the creation of jobs.
  • Generating knowledge for better governance of the labour market,
  • Promoting high intensity approaches to labour and local development.
  • Building the capacity of youths, women and vulnerable persons for a better adequacy of labour supply.

        3. Governance and strategic management of the State

The United Nations’ support to the Cameroon government to reinforce governance and the consolidate the rule of law by supporting the electoral system, the legislative system, promoting the human rights mechanism, toughening the fight against corruption and misappropriation of funds, reinforcing administrative decentralization and improving citizen’s participation and access to information for an adequate and effective management of public affairs.

        4. Humanitarian response

The United Nations in Cameroon supports the Cameroonian Government in handling the present humanitarian crisis facing the country, as the UN is present whenever disaster strikes;

  • Providing coordinated relief assistance to the needy;
  • Supporting the vulnerable populations to better deal with shocks in response to early warning signals, reducing the duration of post-crisis recovery and capacity building of national actors;
  • Collecting data on the risks and vulnerabilities analyzing and integrating results in human and development programming.